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Family Promise of the Verdugos is now
Home Again Los Angeles

  • When did this change occur?
    The organization leadership began discussing disaffiliating from Family Promise in the summer of 2021. Outside Counsel was hired to conduct market research and interview dozens of organization stakeholders. The input from our staff, current and past board members, donors, congregation leaders, and collaborative partners helped identify our new name and solidify rebranding plans. Home Again Los Angeles received approval from the CA Secretary of State on January 26, 2022.
  • Why disaffiliate from the national Family Promise?
    Our organization has grown exponentially in recent years to help meet the growing need of our Los Angeles community, and now offers programs that our leadership staff developed to best support response to those needs. However, each year a portion of our local fundraising must be given to the national office to continue using the name and logo.
  • Is this a bad break up with the national Family Promise?
    No. The leadership from Family Promise national offices has been understanding and supportive during the disaffiliation process. Like all of us associated with the organization locally, our collective mission to help households facing homelessness is what is most important. We are all in this together. We thank the National organization for assisting our chapter throughout the first ten years of our existence.
  • Does this name change mean the organization will serve all of Los Angeles County?
    Yes. The name change is reflective of what our organization is already doing and gives the opportunity to expand and continue to meet the needs of our neighbors facing housing insecurity. Family Promise of the Verdugos was already providing supportive services for families in the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Service Planning Area 2 (SPA 2) - which encompasses the San Fernando Valley. While most of our congregation partners are in Burbank and Glendale currently, the families we serve come from all over the San Fernando Valley.
  • Will the organization’s headquarters move?
    No. Currently, our organization operates out of two locations in Burbank and one location in Glendale. However, the leadership at our organization has been working diligently over the last two years to identify a new home that can accommodate most of the staff, in-person support, and case management services. Our vision is to maintain our offices in Burbank and Glendale to stay close to our partner congregations, and to prevent unnecessary disruption to our service schedule and team.
  • Will there be a leadership change?
    No. Albert Hernandez has led our organization over the past six years and will continue to have daily oversight and provide visionary direction for the organization as CEO of Home Again Los Angeles. Albert now leads a senior leadership team including Carrie Prado, Director of Programs, Jose Pentecostes, Director of Finance, and Renee Johnson, Fund Development Coordinator. The Board of Directors has been integral in the renaming and growth of the organization and will continue to advise, fundraise, advocate, and provide good governance
  • Does current fundraising meet the expanded program areas and potential population increase?
    Yes. Our organization now has an annual operating budget of $2.4MM due to tremendous growth in recent years. More than 60% of funding comes from a variety of government grants, with the balance coming from individual donors, foundations, and corporate partners. Home Again Los Angeles will continue to leverage government funding sources while investing more time and human resources in cultivating current and future donors. Homelessness and housing insecurity are one of the biggest challenges facing our region and will only be solved through cross-sector partnerships and innovative investments.
  • Will the programs/services change?
    No. Home Again LA staff will continue to operate our five core programs: 1) Shelter 2) Rapid Rehousing 3) Transitional Housing 4) Homeless Prevention 5) Community Education Workshops.
  • What will our congregation's role involve moving forward?
    We will continue to work alongside our congregation partners who have been of great support since the development of the organization over 12 years ago. Home Again Los Angeles will continue to leverage the compassionate care that they provide to the families through overnight hospitality, food, and other resources. ​
  • Who can I contact if I have more questions?
    TOPICS & CONTACT Organization Development & Mission, Vision Albert Hernandez Program Development & Congregation Role Carrie Prado Fundraising/Donations Renee Johnson
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