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Rapid Rehousing

Home Again L.A. offers Rapid Rehousing programs for homeless families with children. Rapid Rehousing is a relatively recent innovation in social policy that is an intervention designed to help those who are homeless. Rapid Rehousing is a subset of the Housing First approach to end homelessness. 

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In partnership with the City of Burbank and City of Glendale we offer these programss for homeless families from these respective communities. Families must complete a screening application and provide verification of homelessness in order to qualify. Upon qualifying our case managers work alongside the families to place them into a shelter or crisis housing, if not already there. Then we begin searching for employment, so the families generate income. We then begin advocating to local landlords on behalf of the family. Once an apartment unit is secured our Rapid Rehousing funds are triggered and families may receive up to 12 months of rental subsidies. Families will pay 30% of their monthly income toward the apartment unit and our funds will cover the variance. As the household's income increases our portion decreases. 

Since 2017, 100% of families enrolled in Rapid Rehousing have successfully taken over their apartment leases upon the culmination of the program. 

Anyone interested in this service may contact our Director of Programs, Carrie Prado at (818) 847-1547.

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