In 2019, Home Again L.A. began a partnership with the City of Burbank and Burbank Housing Corporation to open it's first transitional housing program entitled Jerry's Promise. Jerry's Promise was named after long time community member Rev. Jerry Jones who also served on the Burbank Housing Corporation board of directors. The apartment building came together through a strong community effort from many donors including Ms. Nga Phan, Ms. Sandra Thompson, Rotary Club of Burbank, and many more. 

Jerry's Promise provides chronically homeless families with affordable, transitional housing in an apartment building managed by Burbank Housing Corporation. Home Again L.A. case managers work closely with the families to support them in reaching their goals of employment and stability in preparation for their move from this facility and into permanent housing. 

Because families may live in transitional housing for anytime between 12 to 24 months the availability of a unit may take longer than expected. However, for more information contact Program Manager, Carrie Prado at (818) 847-1547.