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Our core program at Home Again L.A. is our 90-Day Shelter. Home Again L.A. is not a faith-based nonprofit; however, we work alongside the faith-based community who put their faith into action through this unique partnership. Through our network of support congregations, we provide meals and shelter for up to 14 people – about 4 families at any one time. The families are hosted overnight at a local congregation. That congregation provides housing to our families in separate private rooms. Other area congregations have parishioners who provide dinner and 'grab and go' breakfast. Members of our partnering congregations also volunteer as overnight chaperones making certain families are safe and have the support needed during these challenging times.

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Volunteers from the congregations cook dinner, provide grab-and-go breakfast, and provide food items for bag lunches. Our families arrive at the host congregation each evening, eat dinner and spend the night. In the morning, they depart for work, school or the day center. During the day families have access to our Day Center where they may meet with our trained and compassionate case managers who work alongside families to set goals and focus on employment and housing. The Day Center also provides access to laundry & shower facilities and a resource room with computers, WIFI and telephones.  Families may stay in the program up to 90 days while they are working to secure permanent housing and employment (if they do not already have a job).

Our Host Congregation Partner

  • Daily the HALA van transports the families and their personal belongings to the host congregation. The families can ride in the van or, if they have their own cars, they can drive to the host congregation where they will be staying.

The Day Center - ​A Safe Place

  • Families settle in and get to meet the coordinators and the evening volunteers.

  • Dinner begins at 6:00 PM.

  • Families and volunteers share the meal together. Parents are responsible for their children and help with the chores.

  • After dinner, volunteers fellowship with families.

  • Hosts and the family's complete homework assignments, play games, watch videos, and socialize.

  • Food is available in the kitchen area for parents to pack themselves and their children lunch for the following day.

  • Two Volunteers will spend the night at the congregation. Adults turn in around 10:00 PM; children at appropriate bedtimes. Wake up is around 6:00 AM the following morning.

  • Breakfast is provided at 6:30 AM during the week (typically cereal and other convenient foods).

  • The HALA van picks the families up at 6:45 AM.

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