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benefits of hala

Home Again Los Angeles provides a crucial lifeline to families facing homelessness, offering not only shelter but a pathway to regain independence through stable housing and employment. By harnessing community support, we foster a nurturing environment that empowers individuals to rebuild their lives, contributing to a stronger, more resilient community.

For Volunteers

  • Opportunity to help homeless families directly; to make a difference

  • Opportunity to do outreach within their own congregation or at our Day Center

  • Wide range of volunteer activities to vary schedules and levels of commitment

  • Opportunity for families to volunteer together

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For Guests

  • Safe, homelike shelter where families can stay together

  • Guests cite the caring of volunteers as one of the most important benefits; “I never knew so many people cared.”

  • Intensive case management by Case Managers to work alongside in finding housing & jobs and meeting other needs.

  • Guest families secure long-term housing and become contributing members of our community

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For Community

  • Opportunity for outreach (within the congregation’s own facilities) focusing on the needs of people in the community

  • Opportunity for participation in the 90-day shelter program

  • Increased sense of community among members as they share the effort

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For Congregations

  • Cost-efficient mobilization of community resources

  • Does not duplicate services already in the community; works with social service agencies to provide counseling, job training, help with housing search, etc.

  • Does not institutionalize shelter as a solution to homelessness

  • Becomes a catalyst for the other community initiatives, such as job counseling, parenting workshops, transitional housing, etc.

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