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HALA Impact Videos

Welcome to the Media Section of Home Again Los Angeles. Here, we provide a window into the impactful work we do, through various media resources that narrate our journey, the challenges faced by the families we serve, and the community that stands with us. Browse through our collection of press releases, news features, videos, and photo galleries to explore the real stories of change and hope we are honored to be a part of.

In 2017, Chaquitta and her child were living in our Family Promise of the Verdugos Shelter. Within 3 months the family secured employment and housing. Fast forward to four years the family is still in permanent housing but now Chaquitta is working at Family Promise of the Verdugos assisting others who are experiencing homelessness. Listen to her story!

Family Promise of the Verdugos Our story

Listen to the work that is being done at Family Promise of the Verdugos.


Our Story of Home Again LA - 2022

Home Again LA's impact in 2022!

Listen in on the impact Home Again LA has made in these families lives during the 2023-2024 year.

Family Promise of the Verdugos: 2nd Annual Gala

An overview of Family Promise of the Verdugos. Video was presented at the 2nd Annual Gala

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