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amazon WISH LIST

Every item you see on our Amazon Wish List has been carefully selected to meet the needs of those we serve. By purchasing and donating an item from this list, you are making a direct and meaningful impact on our community. These items are the tools and resources we rely on daily to carry out our mission.


How It Works

  1. Visit Our Wish List: Simply click on the link to our Amazon Wish List to see what items are currently needed.

  2. Select an Item: Choose an item(s) that you would like to donate. Your gift, big or small, makes a difference.

  3. Check Out: Make your purchase, and Amazon will ship your donation directly to us.

  4. Feel Great: Know that your contribution is directly helping those in need and supporting our cause.

Benefits of Donating Through Amazon Wish List:

  • Convenience: Shop from anywhere and have your donation delivered directly to our doorstep.

  • Transparency: See exactly what is needed and choose how you want to contribute.

  • Direct Impact: Items on our list are what we need the most. Your donation fulfills an immediate need.

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