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Ralphs Program

Contribute to Family Promise every time you go shopping at Ralph’s Market! As part of their program to give back to the community, Ralphs contributes up to 4% of your household monthly purchases back to Family Promise. All you have to do is designate Family Promise of the Verdugos as your nonprofit organization of choice.

how it works

Step-by-Step Guide to Designating Home Again Los Angeles:

  1. Ralphs Account Setup: Begin by navigating to If you already have an account, simply log in. If not, you'll need to register by providing some basic information.

  2. Ralphs Rewards Card: Before proceeding, make sure you have your Ralphs Rewards card handy. This card is key to linking your purchases to the donation program.

  3. Community Contribution Enrollment:
    - Once logged in, click on the 'Community' tab on the website’s header.
    - From the drop-down menu, select 'Community Contributions'.
    - Click on 'Enroll' to begin the process of linking your Rewards card to Home Again Los Angeles.

  4. Enter the NPO Number: When prompted, enter Family Promise of the Verdugos’ organization code: 92811. This code is crucial as it ensures that donations from your purchases go directly to the correct organization.

  5. Obtaining a Rewards Card: If you don't yet have a Ralphs Rewards card, you can obtain one for free at the customer service desk at any Ralphs supermarket.

  6. Using Your Phone Number: If you prefer to use your phone number at the register instead of swiping your Rewards card, you'll need to ensure that your phone number is linked to your Rewards card. If you're not sure what your Rewards card number is, or if you need to link your phone number, simply call Ralphs customer service at 800-660-9003 for assistance.

  7. Making Contributions Count: Each time you shop at Ralphs, you must use your registered Ralphs Rewards card or the phone number linked to it. Only then will a portion of your expenditure be counted towards the Community Contributions donation to Family Promise of the Verdugos.

    Remember, this is a way to contribute without any additional cost to you. It's a simple yet effective means of supporting the vital work that Family Promise of the Verdugos does to assist families facing homelessness. By linking your Ralphs shopping to this cause, you’re contributing to a larger effort to provide shelter, food, and crucial services to those in need within the community.

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