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Employer Matching

DOUBLE YOUR IMPACT! Does your company offer a Matching Gifts Program? Matching Gifts is a great way to potentially double your original donation. Many companies supplement their employees’ contributions to nonprofits and recently, several employees from businesses listed below have done just that! Consider asking your company if they will match your monetary donation or contact our Home Again LA and we'll get you started. With you and your employer by our side we can make a difference and bring more aid to our region's unhoused community.

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What is a Matching Gifts Program?

A Matching Gifts Program is a philanthropic initiative where companies financially match donations their employees make to nonprofit organizations. It's a form of corporate giving that encourages employees to engage in charitable activities, knowing their contributions will have double the impact.

How does it work?
When an employee makes a donation to a qualified nonprofit, they can submit a request to their employer to match the donation. The company will then donate an equal or sometimes greater amount to the same nonprofit, effectively doubling the contribution.

Why participate in a Matching Gifts Program?

  • Maximize Contribution: Employees can increase their charitable impact without having to give more of their own money.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Companies benefit from being seen as socially responsible, which can improve their public image and employee satisfaction.

  • Support Causes Employees Care About: Companies can contribute to a variety of causes, reflecting the values and interests of their workforce.

  • Tax Benefits: Both employees and companies may be eligible for tax deductions on their charitable contributions.

Contact our Fund Development Coordinator: or call 818-562-7778

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