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We Got Keys - Melendez Family

Ms. Melendez, a single mother and her 4-year-old son, have been homeless for two months. The family had been living with her grandparents who, due to financial hardship, were forced to sell their home. The grandparents moved into a senior living facility, while Ms. Melendez and her son found shelter in a motel in Burbank. They had been staying in the motel for over a week when Family Promise received a call regarding an application submitted on her behalf. Ms. Melendez was approved for a one-bedroom apartment! She is beyond grateful and looking to what the future might hold now that she is in her own residence, just her and her son. Ms. Melendez feels blessed to have found a landlord willing to work with her, despite being only 25 years old and having no credit history. Mom is anxious to succeed in our Burbank Rapid Rehousing program but more importantly, find success in her personal life.

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