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Villegas Family Success!

Ms. Villegas, single mother of 7, lost her housing due to various unforeseen issues. Her partner abandoned the family during the pandemic and the landlord decided to sell the property causing the family to become homeless. Thanks to Ms. Villegas’ persistence and the assistance of the case managers involved, the family managed to secure housing in Burbank. Mother worked very hard towards securing employment, so much so that she already has 2 jobs lined up. Her ultimate dream is to open her own business in Floral and Party Decorations and not rely on public benefits. She is striving to raise her children to be independent people, knowing anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it. HALA is proud to announce that as of yesterday, the family is finally housed, in a matter of weeks which felt like months. Thankfully the family is now in their new spacious home, absolutely happy and relieved.

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