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Ochoa Family

Ms. Flanagan and her two boys had been experiencing homelessness for the majority of 2020. This was an experience she never thought her family would have to go through especially during a global pandemic. This was a situation which she didn't think her family would fall into after having separated from her partner. She had nowhere to turn nor any place to rest so she and the family slept in the car and slept on couches when the opportunity presented itself. She says her perseverance, faith and two boys are what keep her optimistic that a light is at the end of the tunnel. Once the family connected to Family Promise our team provided shelter, food and counseling. We are fortunate to have a wonderful staff who worked alongside the family to set up a plan. In December 2020, nearly one year after falling into homelessness Ms. Flanagan along with her sons signed a lease to an apartment. a goal she never thought would be achieved. The family is utilizing our rapid rehousing program, a program that aids families for up to 12 months of rental subsidies while the family works on employment and financial goals. We are very proud of her and wish her great success in the coming months. Family Promise works and we can't do it without our partners from local congregations to the city.

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