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Nickelodeon Spreads Holiday Cheer!

Family Promise of the Verdugos has been fortunate enough to receive a sponsorship from our partners at Nickelodeon Animation Studios. Through the generosity and compassion of the entire team at Nickelodeon, especially Carson Smith, parents and children in our program have been provided with gifts including Nickelodeon swag, holiday gifts, and so much more. In addition to these gifts, which will help our shelter families through the holiday season as a demonstration of the community's care and support, Nickelodeon's sponsorship has also provided 40 homeless and extremely low income families with groceries to help them stay healthy and fed through the holiday season. The people who make Nickelodeon’s shows aren’t just employees, they’re also citizens who value their communities and aim to enrich the lives of kids and their families. For this we at Family Promise are thankful!

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