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New HALA Board Members

Non-profits rely heavily on the board of directors to help support the purpose of the organization. We are thrilled to onboard these four individuals who give of their time, resources, and compassion to aid HALA in furthering its mission. Join us in welcoming Steve Mora, Alex Parajon, Amanda Adams, and Crystal Nathaniel who start their journey this week as board members for HALA. On the flipside, the HALA team would like to thank six special individuals who this month will be completing their term on our board of directors. Thank you to Dan Soderstrom, Jodi Reneaud, Kathy Sessinghaus, Christine Rumfola, Diana Moreno, and Jane Winter. These six individuals have dedicated so many hours to helping HALA grow into a strong and reputable organization while always keeping the best interest of our clients top of mind. We appreciate their contributions!

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