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In Memoriam: Nga Phan

This past month the Family Promise of the Verdugos team lost one of our most treasured donors, Ms. Nga Phan. Ms. Phan was referred to Family Promise nearly five years ago when she was looking for an organization to partner with in bringing together her vision that would assist homeless families with children. Ms. Phan had the vision to create a safe environment for families with children experiencing homelessness; a place where these families could live, break bread together and the children could play with one another. In 2017, Ms. Phan pledged a $100,000 donation that helped kick start this vision. It was later that year that the City of Burbank reached out and said they would like to utilize state funds to purchase an apartment complex for transitional housing in partnership with Family Promise. With City of Burbank and Ms. Nga Phan's funds we were able to purchase a triplex in Burbank, now called Jerry's Promise. The facility, rehabilitated and managed by Burbank Housing Corporation, has already seen 7 homeless families live in the triplex and transition back into permanent housing.

Ms. Phan, who had experiencing homelessness along with her children, has left a major impact in the Burbank community and positively changed the lives for countless families. Thank you, Ms. Phan.

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