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Home Sweet Home: Ramirez Famly

In July 2022 a family of four joined our shelter program after being referred to our agency by a local congregation. The family moved out of their apartment after financial difficulties. Both parents lost their jobs, causing quite the challenge. We immediately stepped in and placed the family into a local motel where they could safely rest at night. With the support of our congregation partners, we provided the family gift cards and groceries. The family was approved for our rapid rehousing program, so we immediately began searching for a permanent home. Simultaneously, we assisted both parents in securing new jobs and helped place the children into summer camp. After meeting all their objectives, they were able to realize the goal of permanent housing. The family never gave up, leaned on our staff for support and built a savings account that they could utilize for a security deposit. Congratulations to the Ramirez family for all the success.

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