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Happy 10 Year Anniversary

I hope this letter finds you all in good health. I would like to take this time to celebrate the last ten years of service that we, together and as a community, have worked to provide for the homeless population in Glendale, Burbank, and neighboring communities. Our innovative, community-oriented model, which involves partnerships with local congregations, compassionate volunteers, and community businesses, has, over the last decade, created a robust network that has touched the lives of so many people. From the donors and volunteers that make FPV's work possible to the families that pass through our doors and the communities that they, upon graduation from our programs, become thriving members of, the work that we all do has come to touch the lives of more people than we ever would have expected when we first opened our doors. In the years since, we have added several new programs that have complimented our shelter and have consistently sped up the recovery time for our families. Programs, such as our rapid rehousing program for both the general homeless population and chronically homeless families, have provided crucial support to families who need additional support. We have also seen a transitional housing program developed in partnership with Burbank Housing Corporation and the City of Burbank. And, just recently, we merged with a Glendale non-profit, Communitas, to provide resources to residents in need of a hand up to achieve their goals. It has truly been a delight to see how many families have benefited from these programs and the compassionate generosity of our community. I would like to give a special thanks to the founders who began this journey by creating what was then known as Family Promise of the East San Fernando Valley. We appreciate all the hardwork they vested into the development of the organization. I would like to thank Jenny Smith-Greene, Marsha Ramos, Sandra Thompson, Rev. Paul Clarville, Dr. Rev. Ross Purdy, Barbara Lazar, Nancy Kachline, Howard Fallman, Providence St. Joseph Medical Center, the Harold Edelstein Foundation, and the City of Burbank Community Development Dept. for their crucial work in laying the groundwork for the community we have today. With the unknown still within arms reach due to Covid-19, Family Promise of the Verdugos still has lots of work to be done, and we are lucky to be able to count on you and the rest of our community to walk alongside us as we continue to provide a guiding light for those who need our assistance. Cheers to another 10 years!

Sincerely, Albert Hernandez Executive Director

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