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Family of 3 Housed

Karen and her two boys moved into our shelter program in February 2020. During her time at FPV, she was always optimistic about her future. She knew that, if she stuck to her case management plan, she would soon move back into housing. However, when Covid-19 hit, she experienced some severe setbacks, including having to live in a motel since our 90-day shelter had to change it's model for safety reasons. Even with these changes, though, she would always answer calls from our case managers, seek advice, and ask for prayer. This past month she was approved for an apartment and was able to move in while utilizing our Glendale Rapid Rehousing program. As she shared with us in an email on her first night home: "Thanks to you all for working together with me by providing exceptional guidance towards the path of ending homelessness for my family. We did it!"

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