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Corrales Family Secure Housing

In February 2019, Ms. Corrales had to stop working due to a physical disability. Already living paycheck to paycheck, her disability income alone wasn’t enough to keep up with her family’s needs and, soon after, they were evicted. Sleeping in her car was something she thought would only last a couple days; however, two days turned into 12 months. Things turned around, though, when she and her 17 year old son transitioned to the Family Promise program in February 2020. They worked alongside our team to get supportive services, including recently sleeping at our partner's hotel, Hilton Garden Inn Burbank Downtown. Last month the family signed their first lease in over two years and will transition into our City

of Glendale Rapid Rehousing program, where they will receive intensive counseling with the goal of stability for the next six months. Things are looking up for the Corrales family!

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