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Collins Family Housed

This key represents hope, success, triumph and new opportunities. Meet the Collins family: Last Saturday we had the privilege in helping the Collins family sign their lease and move back into housing after having been homeless for months. The family of five became homeless after relocating to Glendale because of a new job dad was able to secure. The family arrived to town and only planned on staying in a motel until everything was all settled with work and identifying a new apartment. However, within 3 weeks Mr. Collin's place of employment closed due to restrictions caused by the pandemic. The family was just about to move into an apartment but with no income the landlord wasn't able to approve them. We welcomed the family into our program and have assisted with shelter, food, securing employment.... and now housing. Through our Measure H Rapid Rehousing program through the City of Glendale, we will continue to be a resource for the family these first few months to help provide stability. Congratulations, Collins Family!

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