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Castillo Family Got Keys!

The Castillo Family forfeited their apartment during the pandemic when mom and dad lost their employment and were unable to pay any rent. The Burbank family had been couch surfing and at times slept in a motel. The family was referred to Family Promise by a local school employee who had volunteered at Family Promise at a partnering congregation. We assisted the family immediately with motel vouchers, food and counseling. It was important to us to try to support the children as much as possible to give them as much of a normal experience as possible. With support from our partners the children received clothing, school supplies and more. Soon after both mom and dad were able to secure new jobs and get back on the road to stability. In fact nearly three months into joining our program the family signed the lease to their home. Our staff of Housing Stabilizers will work alongside the family to help them attain their goals.

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