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Betters Family Housed

Daemonte and his younger sister, Ebony, had been experiencing homelessness with their mother, Monique, for over one year. The family, who are Burbank residents, lost their home and were unable to get back on their feet. Luckily, the family reached out to Family Promise, and we were able to place them in a motel and provided essentials . Tragically, Monique passed away during the holiday season, and her children were left with grief and uncertainty. However, Daemonte was able to persevere and secured temporary custody of Ebony while keeping focused on overcoming homelessness. All the while, the Family Promise team has been working alongside the two as they have worked to achieve their employment, housing, and financial planning goals. Then, on February 1, our team helped the Betters family sign their lease for an apartment in town. We will continue to work alongside the family through our City of Burbank Rapid Rehousing program until they become stable, and we are incredibly proud of how hard they have worked and how far they have come.

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